PSE Project Development

  • Location Study
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Consultancy for Architecture

PSE Consultancy

  • Enterprise Represantation
  • Business Management Analyses
  • Company Organisation
  • Recruitment

Business Fields

For over 10 years PSE specializes in consulting in the area of hotel management, development and conception as well as recruitment and human resources consulting. Together with the Swiss company LZ & Partner ( ), we develop innovative, modular construction and building technology solutions.

  • Strategic Consulting

    PSE advise and accompany you in all business decisions: from the conception to the implementation of the strategic planning to the operative operation of your hotel. In this context, we understand the special needs of the services frequently associated with a hotel operation such as the conference and event sector.
    The balance between independence and individuality is one of the main tasks of our consulting service. Our aim is to implement the operator standards in such a way that the individual charme of the hotel and brand is maintained - neither neglecting generally applicable standards nor customized demands.

  • Search for Hotel Property and Operator

    PSE supports you in the acquisition of your individual hotel property. In doing so, we focus on the current economic situation, the market analysis and the condition in line with market requirements and the prospects of success and any measures to be taken. Furthermore PSE provides support in the search for and selection of a suitable hotel operator. In doing so, we have access to long-standing trustworthy contacts and a broad network. A discreet approach in both cases is a matter of course for us.

  • Economic analysis

    Our analyses provide information on the economic feasibility of a project or on the suitability of a location or market for a hotel. On the one hand, they serve as the basis for the creation of a location profile which reveals possible market gaps or market opportunities and thus holds potential for a hotel whose hotel concept is tailored to the characteristic features of demand. In this way, the actual supply requirements as well as future potential at the location can be derived. On the other hand, they serve as a basis for decision-making in the development, financing or future operation of a hotel.

  • Succession Process and Search for Executives

    Changes at the top of a hotel should be made as smoothly as possible, early and forward-looking - regardless of whether this involves a change of ownership or the replacement of executives.

    Succession Process
    PSE supports both the transferor and the transferee in the prosperous succession of the company. The basis of a transfer consultation is a comprehensive operational analysis in order to clarify the current status quo in economic, financial and conceptual questions.

    Executives Search
    PSE's approach to identify and recruit qualified executives is based on a sound understanding of the industry and a sure instinct for the job. Together with you, we create a detailed search profile to identify candidates who meet your professional requirements and work in personal harmony with you and your team.
    When approaching candidates directly, we proceed very discreetly and determine their qualifications, interests and perspectives.

Working Methods

We offer focused solutions. Our team of consultants and specialists combine their wealth of experience. We work precise, confident, independent and dedicated together on the perfect solution to your assignment and request. We do not think like consultants, but like hoteliers, entrepreneurs and investors.

We look forward to unconventional opportunities and solutions that will sustainably improve your hotel and make your business successful. Together, we implement each strategy and step towards the defined goal. We deliver individual strategies, plus achievable and measurable results effectively.

Let us walk this effective path tailored to your individual needs together.

Michelle Sui Marketing Director China Market

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